Thursday, 7 August 2008

August's Fodder

We've got a lovely bunch of coconuts...

First up is our man Kubex with the hugely-anticipated 'Circuit Cities' LP. A beautifully constructed tapestry of ethereal atmospheres, warm synths, elegant melodies, intricate beats and abstract electronics; I've embarassed myself on more than one occasion trying to describe it in words. Suffice to say that this is genuinely a masterpiece. Get it!

Next up is Ant Orange with 'Plastique' - 8 zesty tracks of smooth beats, warm bass, lush melodies and gnarly funky acid goodness.

Finally, we're proud to present 'Lo-Fi' by Dimomib, an epic of electronic dub-bience all the way from Athens, Greece. With his background in dub-techno and ambient electronica, Dimomib describes 'Lo-Fi' as 'the result of an experimental game with sounds'. Atmospheric and hypnotic - definitely one for Sunday.

This month's Deadmix is a junglist rave-off courtesy of the lovely DJ Pesk. With a record collection the size of a small village and tunes that make other jungle DJ's mutter "bastard" under their breath, Pesk serves up choice cuts and blends them with ease. Rude is the word - get your gunfingers out.

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Thanks for your time... Enjoy.

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