Wednesday, 24 December 2008

Dead Christmas

If the annual torrent of Pogues, McCartney, Geldof et al fills you with Bah Humbug, you'll be pleased to know we have another set of quality and 100% non-festive releases on!

First up is The Lego Project - our local and international artists taking the same soundbank and twisting it into their own sordid little creations. What began as an experiment in remix-craft quietly turned into an interesting and diverse little album which showcases some of our artists more experimental edges (and our best efforts at Lego-punnery).

Next is a release we've been waiting for since day one. Our friendly neighbourhood jazzcat Prod drops a selection of tunes from the archives and shows us his harder-but-still-effortlessly-funky side. Fashion Sickness has had some serious rinsage at DC hq and we're sure you'll love it too. Fans of Plug, Squarepusher, and anyone of a Ninja Tune persuasion will dig this baby.

Our third release is the also-long-awaited collaboration between Micoland and Holly Bretton. A perfect combination of Mico's deep, dark beats and Holly's ethereal vocals which will sit nicely between Massive Attack and Portishead in the Chillout folder. Highly recommended for the morning after...

And finally, our last Deadmix of 2008 is a floor-shaking two-laptop dance-off from Leeds' newest noise terrorists Wobble & Dubb!

Thanks to everyone for your support in 2008, we'd like to wish you a loud, bassy Christmas and a euphoric 'hands-in-the-air' New Year.

Look out for the return of Gonzo in January...

Chin chin,
Ant & Chris

Tuesday, 9 December 2008

Still Alive...

All's been quite on the Dead-Channel front over the last month or so. Don't panic, we know how vital Dead-Channel updates are to your continued mental helath and well-being. We're still here for you.

Look out for a special Christmas present from us to you, coming very soon in the form of some of the best music (well we think so) to be released on DC thus far.

We should also have some exiting news regarding future Gonzo/Dead-Channel exploits in the new year - especially if you live in Leeds or the north of England.

You lucky, lucky people....