Wednesday, 24 December 2008

Dead Christmas

If the annual torrent of Pogues, McCartney, Geldof et al fills you with Bah Humbug, you'll be pleased to know we have another set of quality and 100% non-festive releases on!

First up is The Lego Project - our local and international artists taking the same soundbank and twisting it into their own sordid little creations. What began as an experiment in remix-craft quietly turned into an interesting and diverse little album which showcases some of our artists more experimental edges (and our best efforts at Lego-punnery).

Next is a release we've been waiting for since day one. Our friendly neighbourhood jazzcat Prod drops a selection of tunes from the archives and shows us his harder-but-still-effortlessly-funky side. Fashion Sickness has had some serious rinsage at DC hq and we're sure you'll love it too. Fans of Plug, Squarepusher, and anyone of a Ninja Tune persuasion will dig this baby.

Our third release is the also-long-awaited collaboration between Micoland and Holly Bretton. A perfect combination of Mico's deep, dark beats and Holly's ethereal vocals which will sit nicely between Massive Attack and Portishead in the Chillout folder. Highly recommended for the morning after...

And finally, our last Deadmix of 2008 is a floor-shaking two-laptop dance-off from Leeds' newest noise terrorists Wobble & Dubb!

Thanks to everyone for your support in 2008, we'd like to wish you a loud, bassy Christmas and a euphoric 'hands-in-the-air' New Year.

Look out for the return of Gonzo in January...

Chin chin,
Ant & Chris

Tuesday, 9 December 2008

Still Alive...

All's been quite on the Dead-Channel front over the last month or so. Don't panic, we know how vital Dead-Channel updates are to your continued mental helath and well-being. We're still here for you.

Look out for a special Christmas present from us to you, coming very soon in the form of some of the best music (well we think so) to be released on DC thus far.

We should also have some exiting news regarding future Gonzo/Dead-Channel exploits in the new year - especially if you live in Leeds or the north of England.

You lucky, lucky people....

Thursday, 16 October 2008

Better Late Than Never: Octobers Releases

We've been super busy this past month, but we've finally got this months releases uploaded for you to download. Check it:

[channel017] Various Artists - One for the Ladies
It’s finally here, 12 tracks of biting satire, tongue-in-cheek beats and off the wall humour. We’re pleased to present for your listening (dis)pleasure – One for the Ladies.

[channel018] Blip!
Shadowy operators Blip! (Kubex & Dot9) have been working away on the underbelly of the Leeds electronic scene for a good few years now. This, their first release, is a collection of work recorded between 2001 and 2007.

[channel019] Gwylo & Micoland - Hale Bopp
Dirtyload Records and Dead Channel are proud to present the follow up to Gwylo & Micolands 2006 Dirtyload debut 'Reinfections'. Hale Bopp sees the duo in a more diverse mood than last time, but having no less of an impact. The heavy dub vibes are still present, but this time round the pair have stretched their musical limbs out wide and embraced a plethora of styles.

[channel020] Kubex - LS4EP
Kubex returns to Dead Channel after his acclaimed debut ‘Circuit Cities’ dropped in August. Not new material, but material that needed to see the light of day, ‘LS4EP’ is a collection of older, harder tracks from the archives.

[deadmix004] Gwylo
This month we also have a new Deadmix courtesy of Gwylo, Gonzo lynchpin and the man behind Dirtyload Records. This months mix sees him doing what he does best: banging out an hour of the finest quality dance floor exploding rave tracks.

All releases are free to download, and come with full colour CD artwork and embedded art for computers and MP3 players. Get on it!

Tell us what you think (if your that way inclined) of Dead Channel's releases, new and old, and we may even send you some Dead Channel stickers (if your nice): dead-channel (at)

Thanks for all your support!
Chris & Ant x

Thursday, 4 September 2008

Noisepsalm '23rd Abduction' Video

This video for the Noisepsalm track '23rd Abduction' - taken from his Dead Channel debut 'The Injured Aerm Army' - has been hacked together by none other than fellow Dead Channel artist Andrez Bergen, better known as Little Nobody.

Keeping it in the family. Enjoy:

Monday, 1 September 2008

September Releases

After a hectic month at the Dead Channel bunker, we've finally got this months startling array of releases online, ready for you to peruse and download:

Caulfield - Caulfield EP
A debut release, and a new find for us in the shape of one Lawrence Northall, hailing from the south of England. Unique, quirky and brilliant electronics from a bright future prospect.

Little Nobody - Remember Radio?
More abstract cut-ups from one of Tokyo's hardest working artists and the man who brought you the Double Click to Play EP.

Naffdogg - Sheepscar EP
It's been a while in the making, but it was definately worth the wait. The debut EP from one of Leeds best kept secrets.

Noisepsalm - The Injured Aerm Army
Math Lewis from Sacramento California is the man responsible for this dark gem of a release. Featues remixes from fellow Americans Interloper and Headcase, and guest vocals from none other than Math's son Phoenix.

Wobble n Dubb - Knock Down Ginger
This collaborative effort from two of Leeds finest comes packing a heavyweight punch, and in a cool, slightly unconventional format. Watch yer bassbins.

All releases are as always, free to download and come with full colour art and embedded art for ipods and MP3 players... what are you waiting for?

Love and kisses
Chris and Ant xxx

Sunday, 31 August 2008

Kubex Live in Leeds

Fresh from the release of his debut LP Circuit Cities on Dead Channel, Kubex will be playing live at Leeds night Nush alongside Lala and the Booyah, and the mighty Prod.

All this is taking place at Carpe Diem on Saturday 6th September.

Click on the flyer for more:

Tuesday, 19 August 2008

Vinyl Forever

Anyone who has ever collected and loved records should take a look at this:

The Archive

As impressive as it is sad.

Big Up Yourselves!

A big thanks to everyone who came out and raved all day at the Gonzo/Kaos stage at Saturdays Unity Day.

Even though the heavens opened late afternoon, it was a heart-warming to watch everyone rave in the rain until close!

Great sets by all the Dead Channel artists and everyone else that played - roll on next year.

Hopefully we'll have some photos for you soon.

Tuesday, 12 August 2008

Leeds Unity Day: August 16th

Saturday 16th of August is the date for one of the best local one day festivals in the country - Leeds Unity Day .

Staged on Woodhouse Moor in Hyde Park (locally known as just 'Hyde Park') this event is always rammed with quality music, stalls, events and a D.I.Y ethos that just makes you smile. The event always showcases the best of local Leeds talent, and it wouldn't be Unity Day without the mighty Iration Steppas.

Kaos Soundsystem and Gonzo have a stage at this years Unity day, and will be rinsing it out in a all-day-long-rave style with a line-up that features Dead-Channel artists: Kubex, Ant Orange, Gwylo and Micoland.

Here's the full line-up and set times for the Kaos/Gonzo stage:

Gwylo 10-11pm
Johnny Sideways (kaotek wreckords) 9-10pm
Frenzy 8-9pm
Ant Orange 7.20-8pm
Battlescar 6.40-7.20pm
Pesk b2b Goatrider 5.40-6.40pm
Defacto 5-5.40pm
Sartantis & Sasquatch (Senseless Records) 4-5pm
Micoland 3.20-4pm
Miss Kittyflip 2.40-3.20pm
DJ Acolyte 1.40-2.40pm
Kubex b2b Greyground 12.40-1.40pm
Frenzy 12-12.40pm

And here's some further reading:

Unity Day website:

Unity Day myspace:

More Free Electronic Goodness

In the spirit of collective strength we'd like to bring to your attention the net-label. In their own words:

" aims to distribute high-quality, netaudio dj mixes , netaudio releases and netaudio samples packs.
Mp3 audio files ( Usually at 256 / 320 kbps and more recently also 256 Kbps AAC ! ) free to download under a “creative commons music sharing license”. offers worldwide exposure to promising new artists as well as established artists from around the globe.

Music style featured on this netlabel is Deephouse, Minimal house, Dub techno and Chill out, or call it how you prefer, … it’s always good music !!!"

We couldn't agree more. Dimomib who released his excellent 'Lo-Fi' on Dead-Channel this month has releases on the site, along with many other talented souls.

Look out for a Dead-Channel showcase mix on soon, and future collaborative efforts.

You can check out their myspace HERE

Thursday, 7 August 2008

August's Fodder

We've got a lovely bunch of coconuts...

First up is our man Kubex with the hugely-anticipated 'Circuit Cities' LP. A beautifully constructed tapestry of ethereal atmospheres, warm synths, elegant melodies, intricate beats and abstract electronics; I've embarassed myself on more than one occasion trying to describe it in words. Suffice to say that this is genuinely a masterpiece. Get it!

Next up is Ant Orange with 'Plastique' - 8 zesty tracks of smooth beats, warm bass, lush melodies and gnarly funky acid goodness.

Finally, we're proud to present 'Lo-Fi' by Dimomib, an epic of electronic dub-bience all the way from Athens, Greece. With his background in dub-techno and ambient electronica, Dimomib describes 'Lo-Fi' as 'the result of an experimental game with sounds'. Atmospheric and hypnotic - definitely one for Sunday.

This month's Deadmix is a junglist rave-off courtesy of the lovely DJ Pesk. With a record collection the size of a small village and tunes that make other jungle DJ's mutter "bastard" under their breath, Pesk serves up choice cuts and blends them with ease. Rude is the word - get your gunfingers out.

If you like what you hear, please help us out by inviting your friends to our myspace page and facebook group, and generally spreading the word.

Lastly, anyone wanting to get involved in the 'Lego' and 'One for the Ladies' projects - get on it ASAP!

Head on over to the SITE and garb all this month's releases for free.

Thanks for your time... Enjoy.

Friday, 11 July 2008

Kubex: Circuit Cities Preview

The wait for Kubex's long anticipated album Circuit Cities is nearly over, as his debut long player drops on Dead Channel at the end of the month.

If you want to get a sneak preview however, there are four tracks taken from Circuit Cities available to listen to on his myspace page, which can be found HERE

There will more info on Circuit Cities and all this months other releases coming soon.

Friday, 27 June 2008

Calling All Artists

If your still out the loop: Lego is a planned future project to be released on Dead Channel. The basic idea is we take a bunch of sounds and samples (supplied by you lot) then re-distribute them to you all to make tracks for the Lego compilation using only the samples and sounds supplied. We then release the sounds and samples along with the tracks on Lego, and encourage other people to make and send their tracks to us. We'll release the best ones every now and then on a new Lego compilation.
Firt things first though... we're starting to collect samples and sounds off all of you. You can email your samples using the following (READ CAREFULLY):

email to:
Format: .WAV files ONLY (16 or 24bit)
File size: 10mb MAXIMUM
Closing date for sample submission: 31st July 2008

Remember to include your artist name, and the name of the sound or sample in the FILE NAME.
Try and be as creative as possble - don't all just send us beats. We need: bass, beats, pads, synth hits, atmosphere, noise fragments, vocals etc.
Happy sound designing!

For our second planned compilation, we're asking you all to submit tracks with this brief: 'one for the ladies'.
The cheese levels will probably be high, and the tounge-in-cheek-ness will be both obvious and obligatory. You know the score.
You can submit tracks directly to me or Ant before the end of August, or alternatively you can email tracks using the following (again: READ CAREFULLY)

email to:
Format: 320kbps MP3
File size: as long as your tracks aren't 20mins long you should be fine!
Closing date for track submission: 31st August 2008

Have fun creating!

Cool Beans,
Chris & Ant

Friday, 13 June 2008

Wednesday, 11 June 2008

Fresh Meat

This weekend will see a fresh brace of releases on Dead Channel, something for everyone and everything for someone:

* Blackhat's second and final installment of Oldata, as Chris Brierley scrapes the walls of his back catalogue clean under his 'other' moniker

* We welcome Australian ex-pat now residing in Tokyo Little Nobody to the fold with his debut Dead Channel EP: Double Click to Play

* Micoland makes a more than welcome return with a brand new collection All Loop Traffic

* Dirtyload Records main main Gwylo makes his Dead Channel debut with his neo-rave odyssey Fullbodygurn

* And finally we present the second installment of our Deadmix series as Birmingham bad-boy Jade One stitches 61 tracks together in his own inimitable style

Check the main Dead Channel site for more info and the full downloads at the weekend.

Hope your all enjoying the sunshine while it lasts!

Tuesday, 27 May 2008

Dead Channel Online

Dead Channel went live at the weekend and we're really happy with the first lineup of releases from Sofaboy, Kubex's side project Blackhat, Ant Orange and Micoland.

As well as all that there's the first in our Deadmix series from Gonzo resident Kubex. The second Deadmix, an electro-funk journey from Birmingham genius Jade One will be online very soon.

Check for more information and to download this months releases.

Saturday, 10 May 2008

Out now on Dirtload Records

Dirtyload Records is the label arm of Gonzo, Leeds' long running electronic music and party collective.

Click on the image below for the current release info, and visit to buy the CD's.

Look out for future Dead-Channel/Dirtyload release collaborations

Friday, 2 May 2008

We want your music

We welcome demo submissions. Send your demos to:

11 Knowle Avenue

We promise to listen to everything sent to us - remember to include some contact details!

Greetings from the Dead Channel...

Welcome to Dead Channel net label blog. We'll be using this space to keep you updated with news of releases, gigs, random bits of news and anything else we think you might like to know.

The label and site are nearly ready for launch, we'll keep you posted as to the launch date.