Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Dead Channel Summer Release Spectacular

It's been a while... but we're back, and it's been worth the wait, trust us.

We've got 6 brand new, completely free releases for your listening pleasure, as well as a brand new addition to the Deadmix series. Don't let the free part fool you though, the quality is as high as ever. Check it out:

[channel027] Chris Kubex – Sounds No Longer The Same
It’s been nearly a year since Dead Channel co-conspirator and long-time Gonzo member Chris Kubex released his first full length album ‘Circuit Cities’.
Now he returns with ‘Sounds No Longer The Same’, and some may feel it’s an apt title. While retaining some of the melodious elements, which people have come to identify with his music, the dance-floor sounds of Dubstep, Ragga, Techno and Electro are more prominent this time around, and all get forced through the blender.

[channel028] Ant Orange – Acid Trax 2006-2009
Here’s a bit of a treat. Ant Orange delves into his archives and pulls out 10 tracks of 303 joyousness.
Ant’s trademark slick production and love of Roland’s little silver box are well known, but the same can’t be said of all of the gems on this release. While it includes some tracks you may have heard (‘Don’t Call Me Roland’ from ‘One For The Ladies’) it will undoubtedly contain some that you haven’t, and the opportunity to own the best of Ant’s acid ramblings for the one off special price of free, is an opportunity you really shouldn’t miss.

[channel029] Terrorbyte – Klat Skat & Squidgy Black
We’ve been trying to prize a release out of the hands of this Brummie noise terrorist for some time now, and we’re buzzing: Klat Skat & Squidgy Black is here!
Featuring the opening track ‘South Side Shoot T Kill Klart’ which has been a favourite of Mary-Anne Hobbs and been featured on her Radio 1 show, the EP tears through the sort of Breakcore, Gabba and Junglistic mayhem that your parents wouldn’t like, but we most certainly do.

[channel030] Micoland – Hidden Records
In the run up to the release of Micoland's latest LP, Modern Ruins, Dead Channel presents this retrospective compilation from the Drum Faktry archives.
Hidden Records 01-06 is a substantial collection of unreleased early works by Micoland recorded between 2001 and 2006. The album also contains tracks from his Conflux project and presents an eclectic mix of styles from IDM to Grime to Ambient Techno to Hip Hop tracks.

[channel031] Little Nobody – Robota Remixes
A joint release from Andrez Bergen’s IF? Imprint and Dead Channel which features re-workings of one of IF?’s most successful tracks ‘Robota’ by Little Nobody, featuring vocals from Toshiyuki Yasuda, one of Si Beggs favourite musicians.

[channel032] Wobble n Dubb – The Otherside EP
Here we go again, strap yourselves in for some more Wobble & Dubb mayhem, same format as last time and just as crazily good.
The Otherside Mix was first featured on Lisa Right Eye’s superlative Otherside radio show (www.theothersideradio.com) and features the now infamous dual laptop mash-up style that these boys employ to full effect here.

[deadmix006] Sal Volatile
Our good friend Sal Volatile has been locked away in deepest darkest Midlands fusing Brummie Electro and Techno with the futuristic sounds of Dubstep and Grime to make a thoroughly pleasing cocktail.
While we wait for his maiden voyage on the Good Ship Dead Channel, we present his offering to the Deadmix series: a tasty blend of future bass music that had us jumping all over the shop.

All of course available from Dead-Channel.com and include full colour CD-printable artwork and embedded art for ipods and MP3 players.

Happy summer from Gonzo and Dead Channel, and if you're off to the Glade festival this weekend, look out for the Gonzo crew with the Mobile Gabba Disco starring Frank the Tank!