Tuesday, 12 August 2008

More Free Electronic Goodness

In the spirit of collective strength we'd like to bring to your attention the deepindub.org net-label. In their own words:

"deepindub.org aims to distribute high-quality, netaudio dj mixes , netaudio releases and netaudio samples packs.
Mp3 audio files ( Usually at 256 / 320 kbps and more recently also 256 Kbps AAC ! ) free to download under a “creative commons music sharing license”.

Deepindub.org offers worldwide exposure to promising new artists as well as established artists from around the globe.

Music style featured on this netlabel is Deephouse, Minimal house, Dub techno and Chill out, or call it how you prefer, … it’s always good music !!!"

We couldn't agree more. Dimomib who released his excellent 'Lo-Fi' on Dead-Channel this month has releases on the site, along with many other talented souls.

Look out for a Dead-Channel showcase mix on deepindub.org soon, and future collaborative efforts.

You can check out their myspace HERE

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