Wednesday, 11 June 2008

Fresh Meat

This weekend will see a fresh brace of releases on Dead Channel, something for everyone and everything for someone:

* Blackhat's second and final installment of Oldata, as Chris Brierley scrapes the walls of his back catalogue clean under his 'other' moniker

* We welcome Australian ex-pat now residing in Tokyo Little Nobody to the fold with his debut Dead Channel EP: Double Click to Play

* Micoland makes a more than welcome return with a brand new collection All Loop Traffic

* Dirtyload Records main main Gwylo makes his Dead Channel debut with his neo-rave odyssey Fullbodygurn

* And finally we present the second installment of our Deadmix series as Birmingham bad-boy Jade One stitches 61 tracks together in his own inimitable style

Check the main Dead Channel site for more info and the full downloads at the weekend.

Hope your all enjoying the sunshine while it lasts!

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