Friday, 27 June 2008

Calling All Artists

If your still out the loop: Lego is a planned future project to be released on Dead Channel. The basic idea is we take a bunch of sounds and samples (supplied by you lot) then re-distribute them to you all to make tracks for the Lego compilation using only the samples and sounds supplied. We then release the sounds and samples along with the tracks on Lego, and encourage other people to make and send their tracks to us. We'll release the best ones every now and then on a new Lego compilation.
Firt things first though... we're starting to collect samples and sounds off all of you. You can email your samples using the following (READ CAREFULLY):

email to:
Format: .WAV files ONLY (16 or 24bit)
File size: 10mb MAXIMUM
Closing date for sample submission: 31st July 2008

Remember to include your artist name, and the name of the sound or sample in the FILE NAME.
Try and be as creative as possble - don't all just send us beats. We need: bass, beats, pads, synth hits, atmosphere, noise fragments, vocals etc.
Happy sound designing!

For our second planned compilation, we're asking you all to submit tracks with this brief: 'one for the ladies'.
The cheese levels will probably be high, and the tounge-in-cheek-ness will be both obvious and obligatory. You know the score.
You can submit tracks directly to me or Ant before the end of August, or alternatively you can email tracks using the following (again: READ CAREFULLY)

email to:
Format: 320kbps MP3
File size: as long as your tracks aren't 20mins long you should be fine!
Closing date for track submission: 31st August 2008

Have fun creating!

Cool Beans,
Chris & Ant

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